Castellax by Castellex Security Systems, an Overview

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Castellax by Castellex Security Systems, an Overview

Castellax security systems are not just conventional alarm systems but are the ultimate in modern effective intruder deterrence. We recognize that even the most up-to-date alarm systems, whether based on standard sound alerts or notification of appropriate authorities, are not going to prove effective if law enforcement response is slow or absent. In remote areas, criminals are well aware that police response can take quite some time, thus enabling them to burgle your property with little fear. Even in areas with fast response time, it is rare for police to arrive in less than 5-7 minutes, this being quite ample for an intruder to enter and steal at will.

With this in mind, the Castellax team has created a unique range of anti-intruder solutions, capable not only of alerting security response, but more importantly operating as systems designed to force criminals to leave premises immediately, thereby actually curtailing their criminal activities. With the range including the Castellax Sound Blaster-X, the Castellax Strobe-X and the range of Fog-X Security fogging systems, all deployable as standalone units or in combination for even greater effectiveness, the Castellax all work on the principle of leaving the premises effectively inhospitable, disorientating and confusing intruders and thereby forcing them to seek immediate exit before conducting their planned activities.  Complying with all legal requirements and suitable for premises from banks and embassies to private homes, individual shops and storage facilities, as well as remote objects, yachts and collections of classic cars, we truly believe that our Security Strobe Security Sound Blaster and Security fog systems provide highly effective solutions to stop intruders in their tracks.

With strong steel bodies and features including tamper switches and integrated LiOn back-up batteries, our anti intruder systems are also highly resistant to attempts to deactivate them or disconnect from power sources. Unlike many alarm systems available on the market, Castellax Strobe-X and Blaster-X devices offer you the piece of mind of knowing the alarm system is going to operate exactly when you most need it! As an additional advantage, not only are the Castellax security systems sleek in design and aesthetically pleasing, but they are also fully compatible with other security installations, easy to integrate and can be installed to work with any wired alarm systems or with optional transmitter with wireless alarm system.

Produced by the leading British security manufacturer Castellex Ltd, you will not find a more effective non-lethal protective system on the market today. Castellax best in security!

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