It’s Coming Home…

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It’s Coming Home…

Filling bars, the nation glued to TV sets with friends, time for celebration as England hits the semi-final! To the backdrop of cheering supporters however, a small underclass are celebrating in their own unique way – burglars taking advantage of empty homes. 1-0 to the burglars.

Need to even up the score?

Take on the burglars with the ultimate anti-intruder systems on the market, the Castellax Sound Blaster-X, Castellax Strobe-X and Castellax Fog-X. More than standard alarm systems, to burglars our Castellex strike force has the potency of Harry Kane and the defence prowess of Jordan Pickford – combining the powers of high decibel alarms and strobe lights, we guarantee our team will truly knock out those burglars.

Red card to the burglars, final score 1-0 to homeowners.

Castellax, taking you to victory.

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