Mass Shootings, Saving Lives with the Castellax Trio-X System

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We can’t prevent mass shootings, but we can significantly reduce the number of casualties

Mass Shootings, Saving Lives with the Castellax Trio-X System.

Schools, newspaper offices, nightclubs, public buildings, all under attack by deranged shooters in recent months. On which ever side of the gun control debate you are, all agree that something needs to be done to curb the senseless killings.

Leaving the politics of gun control to one side, what about measures to limit the possibilities of active shooters once already on a school campus or roaming a public building? Typically a school, for example, goes onto shut down as a shooting event unfolds, students and teachers trying to barricade themselves into rooms as the shooter has free reign to stalk the corridors and seek out victims. These first critical minutes before police are able to intervene are the most lethal – there is essentially nothing to stop or hinder calculated shooters from fulfilling their deadly intent.

We at Castellax believe it is at this stage that an effective solution already exists that could severely limit the possibilities of shooters, effectively stopping them in their tracks and giving police critical time to arrive – the Castellax Trio-X security system.

Combining the powerful Strobe-X strobe light system, the deafening 120db blasts of the Sound Blaster-X system and the rapid fogging Fog-X system, the Castellax Trio-X system is among the most effective anti-intruder security systems available, one that upon activation would near instantly render school corridors, classrooms and office spaces inhospitable, totally disorientating and confusing shooters, leaving them not only unable to see and hear, but also in such physical discomfort that they are unable to operate, move from location to location and indeed to even aim with any accuracy.

The system has a proven track record of repelling armed burglaries and assaults on residential and commercial premises and can equally be deployed in schools and other premises at risk – a simple flick of a switch and the possibilities of a shooter to roam at will are curtailed. With flexible means of activation, generally by managers or teachers at any location, the entire premises or sections of it can be shut down, isolating shooters in affected areas, while allowing evacuation elsewhere. With the arrival of law enforcement, selective deactivation is also possible if required to assist in the rapid detention of the suspect.

We can not claim that the Castellax system is going to totally prevent shootings, but we can confidently say that a school or building with the integrated Castellax Trio-X system is a safer place for those inside – in the event of a shooter entering the premises, casualty rates are likely to be lower, more children and loved ones will make it home that day.

Produced by the leading British security manufacturer Castellex Ltd, you will not find a more effective non-lethal protective system on the market today. We welcome all enquiries and and are available for professional consultation regarding specifications and to discuss your needs.





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